After a decade as founder & CEO of iControl Data Solutions, Tal J. Zlotnitsky says goodbye to employees, customers and friends and shares the path ahead.

To my fellow iControllers, to our customers, to my friends far and wide!

It’s with a full heart, and lots and lots of love for each and every one of my employees, that I write to you to explain my decision to leave the CEO position at iControl in order to start a new business.

The past year has been a challenge for mankind, and we had some difficult moments of our own at…

By Tal J Zlotnitsky

Unfortunately, I did not know my grandfather as well as I wish to have, now, in retrospect. But what I knew of him, I liked; my grandfather, whom we called Saba, had kindly eyes, in a surprising shade of almond. He had wrinkles, but not too many, surprisingly. Mostly around his eyes. And they were laughing eyes. I remember that. He had a shy smile and a soft voice; it meant to tell me that I was safe no matter what it was he was going to say next; if he had a compliment, or he…

By Tal J Zlotnitsky

I’m not an expert on anything, let alone theology or physics. If you’re someone that opened this story, hoping for the answer to this question from someone with decades of experience in either of these fields — I am afraid you’ll have to either accept far lesser authority, or stop reading. By lesser authority, I mean a complete lay-person, in no way more entitled to an opinion on this matter than anyone else.

I submit, also, that this reflection I’m about to share has been expressed previously in some form or fashion by Plato and Aristotle…

People of goodwill, regardless of their political worldview, agree that democracy depends in some significant measure on the general public’s access to information. While the late Justice Louis Brandeis is often credited with the adage that sunlight is the best disinfectant, in reality Brandeis was expounding on a thought expressed by James Bryce in a book published in 1888, The American Commonwealth. The scholar Alasdair S. Roberts, the director of the School of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Amherst excerpted the relevant paragraph from Bryce’s book on his blog in 2015, and it is worth reading in full:

Excerpt from The American Commonwealth by James Bryce

By Tal J Zlotnitsky

Today, I protested in front of the heavily fortified White House with my brothers and sisters of many races, all of us united in our grief and outrage at yet another act of depravity by yet another police officer against yet another unarmed, non-resisting black man — George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Around us, as city after city in our nation convulsed in anger, recrimination and violence, voices on both the right and the left (though especially and most stridently on the right) called for the restoration of civic order, and especially an end to rioting, looting…

By Tal J Zlotnitsky


As usual tonight — as whenever politics comes up when I talk to my father — we agreed on very little and got on each other’s nerves.

In case you’re wondering, that’s not because we are on opposite sides of the political divide. Au contraire. My father and I both love Rachel Maddow and think Fox News spews vile propaganda. We both think Putin is a snake who meddled in our 2016 election and is attempting to do so again, and believe that healthcare is a human right. …

The best argument in favor of voting for Bernie that you could make to Democratic voters like myself — who are Bernie-skeptics, and believe that the risks of a 2nd Trump term require making what we view to be the safer choice — is this one:

In most times in history, and in most things in life, taking the safest route is indeed the smartest choice and leads to the best outcomes. However, none of the moments in history that people who are liberal-minded either celebrate or look back to in regret, were such moments.

In those moments, either not…

By Tal Zlotnitsky

An open letter to Heath Mayo and @principlesfirst

I believe the vision you outline in the incredible tweet thread — — you published this evening, is worth the fighting for.

[Coincidentally, I then happened to turn to the Bill Maher show and caught his wise, heartfelt, and occasionally hilarious exhortation to Americans of all political stripes to Let it Go and come together]

I’ve been a lifelong Democrat, a donor, active in progressive causes like Patriotic Millionaires. I’ve watched with angst as increasingly inflexible, self-righteous elements within the Democratic Party are vying to change it in…

It is considered hyperbolic to say that brick & mortar retailing is facing an existential threat. After all, the conventional thinking goes, surely we just mean it will evolve into something different, not literally die.

Umm, no.

I mean at risk to literally end. End to the point of becoming a novelty you gawk at, in the rare occasions you come across it. Sort of like you do when you see people riding the horse carriage at Central Park, and it seems so exotic that we forget that the very street we’re walking on was once filled with horses (and…

I was recently walking my dogs in a leafy neighborhood in Potomac, MD on a breezy and bright Friday afternoon. It’s an affluent community, where people typically drive newer model foreign cars and everyone waves to everyone (even though no one truly knows anyone).

What if your eye color marked you for discrimination? (photo from

As my dogs were joyously sniffing around and occasionally marking their territory, I greeted fellow walkers, children on bikes, and the occasional passing car, spending most of my time untangling my feet from intertwining leashes and thinking about what I’d make myself for dinner.

Absent-mindedly, I walked towards a slowly-approaching Nissan Sentra. The older-model, smaller car…

Tal J Zlotnitsky

Tal J Zlotnitsky is a serial entrepreneur and activist currently on a quest to help couples the world over experience their best love

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